Rock 'n' Roll Steve and the Razors Official Site

The Razors was formed by Nick Street in 2005 as a gigging 50's Rock 'n' Roll band based in the Guildford area of Surrey. The great thing about the Razors is the diversity of the members, giving The Razors a truly unique sound and vibe. Nick has been playing guitar for many years and is passionate about Rock 'n' Roll.

Forming The Razors was the natural thing to do after playing lead guitar in other bands. Steve is a superb vocalist (and guitarist), an expert on 50's Rock 'n' Roll and has performed solo and in bands for over 10 years. Ray, our fantastic bass player, is also a great Rock 'n' Roll fan and but has previously also played in gigging soul bands. John brings with him his love for jazz, blues and funky music and gives the band much extra depth with the rich sound of the saxophone. James, the youngest member of the band, studies music at Guildford College of Music. He adds his natural enthusiasm and skilled drumming to bring the band's rhythm section together.

Not dancing to The Razors is never an option.